Deborah Center

To the rescue of those young females in the commercial sex work, this Destitute Females’ Center strives a lot as we run the project. For the last years in the history of the organization and its Deborah Center, we have been able to rehabilitate many young females into a normal life style after the support they had enjoyed during their stay in the center. The goal of the center was to reach sixteen girls. We have achieved our goal in this regard.

Safety Homes

Independence project is an implementation with the purpose of tackling socio-economic problems of young students. In our country Ethiopia, there are so many social problems that need the attention of government and different social organizations to intervene into. More than half of the Ethiopian population is young and productive group segment of the entire society.

UDS (Urban Destitute) Project

The project is in line with the social protection policy that is an umbrella policy for all rural and urban social protection interventions. The project is called by its name Urban Destitute Support Project (UDSP) and it focuses on the street people rehabilitation. World Bank and Ethiopian government jointly finance the project.

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